Marketing Coach

Marketing Coach


If you made it here you either a) really like me or b) have this nudge in your gut that investing your energy, time, and hard-earned cash into scaling your business via strategy is the next best move for you & your biz. 

In Tirzah-fashion, I'm gonna cut the crap & address this head on. If you do have that gnawing feeling that it's time to invest in your business, then I'm inviting you to DM me!

That's right - I want you to dm me your questions, and in return I'll genuinely point you in the right direction! Have questions about starting a biz? I gotchuu. Scaling? Well, that's my jam! Strategy? *Cue the lady marmalade song.

Feeling like I'm speaking your language? Then, introduce yourself & let's chat about your big-biz dreams and the steps to reach 'em!


The Herpreneur Facebook community is the place to connect with other women choosing to chase after the life of their dreams!

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