Marketing Coach

Marketing Coach

Your go-to marketing & biz coach, strategist, and online educator who's wildly passionate about helping female online entrepreneurs build + scale a business by
backing their dreams with strategy!

Do you know your calling (you know, that thing you do that sets your soul on fire)?

 Well, mine is showing women what's capable!

That we truly can turn our own unique-brillance into a
profitable & scalable business!

Tirzah here! You marketing gal-pal!

I didn’t always have a five-figure business, the world's best clients, and an amazing online community full of biz-besties.

Buckle up, it’s story time….

It's story time!




I’m a huge believer (#jesuschrist), love coordinating style shoots, and sign me up for a chill-night with dim-lighting, Billie Holiday records, and goal mapping!

I’d rather be on a road-trip out west, exploring new cities with my hunk of a man, scavenging for a good ramen restaurant, and pinning my future to perfection (#pinterestvortex).


My kind of

Hot off the press

I was sitting in my fancy corporate office dreaming of the day I could work for myself. 

You know, something other than a board room full of corporate execs (twice my age) who didn’t give a hoot about digital marketing strategies, getting a lunch break, and using some “vacation” time (can’t I get a freaking day off?!)
So, I traded the director “dream-job” and took the leap, starting my own marketing agency. The second I realized I could make, and possibly replace, my corporate salary by serving clients directly, I was on a mission to pursue it ALL with everything I had. 
Who would have thunk that my desire to take messy action would lead me to a biz-life of managing client accounts from anywhere & now scaling a five-figure coaching business?

I'm a dreamer & doer

current state: on a mi$$ion

show me the way

And this mission is possible my friend!

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

i play guitar and i'm a songwriter and started my career journey as a hairstylist!

How do you drink your coffee?

grande black iced coffee

Go to binge sesh?

True-Crime Documentaries

Grey s Anatomy


Marvelous Mrs. Masel

What’s your enneagram number?

i'm an enneagram number three & proud!

Have you ever had a nickname? What is it?

pookie or tirzy 

What do you like to do when you’re not coaching?


Diy crafts

Game of Settlers of Catan

Spa Night

Where do you see yourself in five years?

stay at home mom who's also a six-figure entrepreneur, national speaker & educator.

 Where do you hang out most? 



Facebook group


coffee and messy action

I knew I was meant for more than the “dream-job” everyone had convinced me was the ultimate goal. So, I put my big-girl pants on, tuned out the limiting beliefs, grabbed my expo pen and re-wrote my story. 

I took my 7+ years of experience & backed it up with some strategy to build my own marketing agency & later did a micro-pivot into coaching (my first launch hit $14k in just under 10 days!). 

With coffee in one hand and confidence in the other, I decided to choose CHANGE and stepped into CEO.

Now I get to coach the most amazing women on a weekly basis helping them craft unique and magnetic strategies to find and sign their dream clients (cue the dance music).


I’m standing here before you as a marketing & business coach who helps other motivated women find their freedom and make a
positive impact in the world! 

(check out the reviews of all the women i’ve helped - it’ll make your day) 

So repeat after me sister, “I am worthy of my dreams and goals." All you have to do is show up and put in the work, I’ll handle the rest. 

It’s your story babe